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General Studies

  1. To make students aware that they should love the natural environment and conserve the natural resources.
  2. To help students to develop their abilities in collecting and analyzing useful information.
  3. To encourage students to solve the problems by using scientific methods and through inquiry learning experience.
  4. To help students to develop their independent mind in making decisions.

Magic Science
Objective The activity aims at arousing pupils' awareness and interests about the nature and developing their inquiry learning ability such as the ability to explore or to discover.
Video and Powerpoint
The Great Scientists

How to Light Up a Bulb?

Thomas Alva Edison

Making a simple telephone

Alexander Graham Bell
Magic Science

The Magic Solution

Magic Matches

Water Pressure

Moebius Band

To "fish" the ice

Turning a marble into
a table-tennis ball

How the Humpty Dumpty
fall into a bottle?

Candle Magic

The magic straw

Hurricane in a bottle

A non-explosible balloon

Mission Invisible

The Marvellous egg

G.S. Project/ Portfolio Display
Objective This exploratory activity arouses students' interest and motivation in learning through inquiry activities.

G.S. Outing
Objective It aims to widen students academic knowledge and arouse their interest in subject learning.

Cross Subject Learning - Around the World in 80days
Objective It enables students to develop a broader understanding of historical, technological, cultural and social contexts.

World Food Day
Objective It aims to encourage students to cherish food and to be concerned about the problems of poverty.

Care the World Activities
Objective This activity arouses students' awareness and interest in caring about Hong Kong and the World.

National Day Pre-celebration
Objective This activity enhances pupils’ awareness and understanding of the relationship between China and HKSAR and their identities.